Terms & Conditions

May we have a little of your time to read our sales terms & conditions to ensure hassle free and happy shopping experience with Reiki Portal.

By using the Services provided by Reiki Portal you are deemed to have accepted and understand the sales terms & conditions in our web store. 

Contacting Reiki Portal

1.       For sales & general enquiries, please write to us at sales@reiki-portal.com.  You should receive our reply within 3 working days.

2.      For matters relating to your orders or payment, you may contact us at sales@reiki-portal.com.  We will be happy to response to your mail within 3 working days.

Placement of Order

1.      When you placed an order with Reiki Portal, you will receive an acknowledgement email from us

at your corresponding email address indicated in your order.  This email is only meant as acknowledgement purpose and does not constitute acceptance of your order.  Your order will be recognized as formal purchase contract with us only upon receipt of your funds/payment.

2.       An order will not be taken into account/processed if full payment is not received by us.

3.      We encourage you to check and ensure the correct item and quantity of your order is correct before checking out at Reiki Portal.  In case you should enter an order incorrectly, please write to us immediately within 24 hours at sales@reiki-portal.com.  Depending on the level of progress already achieved on your item, we may possibly be able to accommodate your request.  Unfortunately after this time has passed absolutely no alternations will be allowed  Until you received our reply to your mail, otherwise the order which you have placed in Reiki Portal webpage will be taken as final.

4.      Please also ensure your name, email address, mailing address and your contact numbers are correctly indicated in your order.  This is to enable us to have this order processed efficiently and reach you in the shortest possible time.

5.      Reiki Portal reserved all rights to accept or reject any order without given valid reasons.

Product Information

1.      Most of the gemstones and crystals used in our jewelry are natural and come from Mother nature.  They are likely to have variations and imperfections and our photographs aim to convey this as accurately as possible.  Due to this, the size and color of the beads will vary.   They are likely to contain slight inclusions or flaws which are common in genuine natural stones.

2.       All photographs and descriptions appearing on our website are for illustration purposes only.  We do not guarantee that colors in our images will be rendered correctly on different computer monitors. 

3.      The product sizes and dimensions indicated in our website are intended to give an approximate indication of the size of individual products.  The actual size of product may vary due to matching of beads and accessories in achieving the best overall effect. 

4.       All sizes, lengths and the approximate number of beads per strand are provided purely as a guide.  Where the supplied product length/quantity differs you have not been charged unfairly, the price is calculated based upon the concept of “half” and “whole” strands only.       

5.      The information contained in our website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.  Our products are labeled as accurately as possible at all times.  If we believe a product is mislabeled or otherwise misleading we will try to change our description promptly.  Our liability howsoever it arises for any such inaccuracies or errors is expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

6.      The information and description contained in our website is for educational and references purposes only.  For any medical or therapeutic diagnosis, please consult your health professional.

7.      The selling price, recommended retail price, availability and specification of the goods as stated on our website are subject to change without prior notice.

8.      Reiki Portal will not be held responsible for any losses caused directly or indirectly by the use of our website or by the use or purchase of any of our products, nor by any losses or damages caused by any other means.

Custom Made Order Requests

Each of us is unique and your jewelry can be custom made according to your liking and needs.  If you would like to have a specific crystal, charm or any variations, please write to us at sales@reiki-portal.com.  If you would like a custom sized bracelet to match your wrist size, you may wrap string comfortably around your wrist, then lay it out on a ruler to get your wrist size.  If you would like to discuss a possible custom made order to your requirements, write to us at sales@reiki-portal.com.  We will be happy to respond to your needs.

Products within “Custom Made” category are products ordered specially for a particular customer and any product that we typically do not feature in our website.  As such products under this category are not covered by our typical product services (Returns/Exchange Policy) unless the product is damaged.  In which case a replacement is offered by us, a refund in our store voucher will be offered if a replacement cannot be provided due to any reasons. 

Security & Privacy

Your privacy and the security of your data are important to us.  We only store personal customer data that is essential to the running of the business, in particular, contact details, address details and historic order details.    We do not store bank details, PayPal account information nor do we share customer details with any Third parties.  We will never sell your details to any Third Party – not even anonymous or aggregate data.  We operate with the highest integrity and your personal details are secure and will never share it with Third party without your consent or unless required by law.

Please contact us at sales@reiki-portal.com if we haven’t answered all your questions.