Product Maintenance

Crystals will have travelled far and been laid in many hands each contributing their vibrations to the crystal.  These vibrations need to be neutralized thus restoring the crystal to its original clarity so that you can impress your own pure intentions upon it.  A crystal with imbalances or energetic static can be detected by a feeling of heaviness or unpleasantness.  It is recommended that you carry out cleansing regularly especially if your crystals are used for healing.  Trust your own intuition and higher self to lead you to the best methods and lengths of time for you and the stone.


  1. INCENSE - Hold the crystal within the smoke of incense while impressing upon it your intention that it only relate to your impressions as it's possessor. Herbs such as sage, cedar and sandalwood are particularly good for their purifying qualities.
  2. VISUALIZATION - Take a deep breath and blow over the crystal. Imagine that you are clearing away all negativity. Repeat until you feel the crystal is cleansed.
  3. WATER - Hold the stones under cool running water for a minute. Some may prefer using mineral water instead of tap water for it's pureness. But definitely not hot, very cold or warm water because it such temperature can fracture some crystals and stones. Water cleansing is not recommended for stones that are soluble, e.g. Selenite.
  4. REIKI - Reiki the crystals with the intention of cleansing them, ridding them of any negativity or unwanted energies.


After cleansing away negative energy from your crystals, it is recommended to energize them.  You may energize your crystals and maintain them with natural energies from the sun or the moon.  If you have window that is in the direction of getting sunlight or moonlight, you may place your crystal near the window to absorb the sun’s and moon’s energy.

 The sun provides stronger energy and the moon provides a gentler energy.  If you are concerned about your crystals fading, you may place them in sunlight at sunrise and sunset or simply use the moonlight.  It is believed that the eve of the new moon and the eve of a full moon is when the energy is strongest.

Good to know :  Citrine, Amethyst, Opal and Turquoise fade in the sun if exposed for extended periods.



The purpose of programming a crystal is to focus its abilities on something you specifically need.  A crystal or stone that is programmed becomes much more powerful and useful as a tool.  Here is where you put the most powerful energy in the universe work, your mind.  You give the crystal your intention which becomes its purpose.