About Us

Welcome to Reiki Portal!  We are a team of Reiki practitioners who own, design & create Reiki Portal.  Our journey with Reiki has brought many changes to our life, and the opportunities it has brought us to create Reiki Portal, one of the many ways to utilize the universal energy.

It is generally understood that “Reiki” means “Universal Life-Force Energy”.  While all Reiki practitioners use the same basic system as the foundation of Reiki practice, there are many ways to utilize universal energy, and that we can all learn from each other.

Although the use of crystals is not part of the original Reiki system, many practitioners now use them as an addition to treatments.  We choose Crystal Healing as we believe crystals can be worn or placed on the body to energize or balance the various chakras.  Knowing how to heal your chakras gives you the power to bring balance and joy into your life. 

Every piece of Reiki Portal jewelry is lovingly handcrafted and designed to bring out the beauty & uniqueness of the gemstone.

Each gemstone contained the earth’s energies and is unique in its color, properties and healing properties.  We source all our gemstones from reputable gemstone suppliers in Europe, USA, Australia, India, China, etc.  Quality is our top priority and we strive to give our customers a smooth and pleasant buying experience with best quality material available at reasonable cost.

We believe every piece of jewelry is art which we create with passion to bring you joy when you choose to wear it every day with different kind of value – they are a daily delight and a perfect way to express your personality, and empowered with healing properties to your needs.